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As founder and Managing Partner of Sedulo Group, Heath Gross has built Sedulo Group into a world-class provider of competitive intelligence and strategy consulting services. Mr. Gross is a seasoned competitive intelligence professional with over ten years of experience in primary research and strategy consulting. Mr. Gross has managed projects across the industry spectrum, including life science, healthcare, professional services, information technology, and manufacturing. As Managing Partner, Mr. Gross provides the overall strategic leadership for the company and works with Sedulo Group clients to implement competitive intelligence programs and strategies that enable them to outperform and outmaneuver their competition.

Prior to his civil career in competitive intelligence, Mr. Gross served as a Counter-Intelligence Agent with the US Government and as a Special Projects Officer for the Kuwait Residence Office Counter-Terrorism Unit. There he was responsible for leading source operation activities in Eastern Europe, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Djibuti.

Mr. Gross is actively involved in the competitive intelligence community, serving as a long time member of SCIP. Mr. Gross is also the founder and Chairman of the Board of VaxTrac, an IT company focused on providing developing countries with the technologies and services needed to maximize the effectiveness of childhood vaccination programs. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville and holds an advanced degree in Military Intelligence from the American Military University.

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